Gemma Clarkson, Kind Snacks UK

" Brilliant agency for a start up brand looking to scale. Flexible and agile working culture. Great partners. "

Shaun Williams, Lime Insurance

" Media Bounty's approach to thoroughly understanding our business before agreeing that they could help us, was truly refreshing. Their recommendations have been succinct and in priority order. A great group. "

Ollie Austen, 1eco

" Media Bounty are a pleasure to deal with. Their team are extremely creative, insightful & organised. They remain a team with no ego's & do they deliver. I can't recommend this agency enough, fantastic! "

John McManus, Kind Snacks UK

" Really love working with Media Bounty, a real pleasure to work with. We have taken a small agreement relationship to now being our core social media/performance partner for KIND. "

Alex Fisher, Bodyform

" Media Bounty are legends! I can rely on them for anything and know they'll always deliver above and beyond! "

Paul Freeman, Marstons

" Fantastic agency with great strategic thinking at the heart of their work. "

Craig Chapman, Cellar Trends

" I've worked with Media Bounty for several years now and would recommend them to anyone looking for an agency that is strategic, forward thinking, and most importantly, full of great people who are a pleasure to work with "

Traci Baxter, Essity UK

" I have worked with Media Bounty for many years now and they are a great bunch of people. They are committed and hard working, with a real passion and drive for our brands. They deliver a high level of creativity and innovative thinking, all within required budgets and deadlines. They are a pleasure to work with They are a pleasure to work with and we consider them an extension of our own marketing team. "

Nora Zukauskaite, FOREO

" Media Bounty truly stands out from the industry due to their transparent way of charging fees. This is a very innovative and much needed approach and, therefore, was key consideration when select a media agency. "

Dan Bradbury, World Land Trust

" The relationship we have with Media Bounty is hugely important to us as an organisation. We have greatly benefited from their knowledge and experience and the team at Media Bounty have helped us achieve great things during our campaigns. Importantly the knowledge they have shared with us has helped set up plans for future activities. Their passion for what they do, what we do and their ethical approach shines through and we are extremely pleased to be working with them. "