Jane Paine, Anew

" Never mind 'going the extra mile', PJ and his team have run a complete marathon to help us get our new product live. The project ended up being more complex than we anticipated and they guided us through it with a huge amount of intelligence, business sense, patience, professionalism and good humour. "

Kate Blumsom, British Land

" Mallard & Claret are a fantastic blend of strategy, UX, design and technical expertise and their customer service and response times are second to none. We've been working with them for 5 years and they continue to impress. If you are looking for UX or Wordpress specialists in London then look no further. "

Oliver James, Fairnurse

" I gave a relatively brief outline to M&C, but I knew exactly what I wanted from the branding/website, but I struggled to quantify and express it. M&C somehow took what was in my head, then enhanced it and the website ultimately surpassed all expectations - Fantastic. This entire process, from my prospective, seemed effortless. I think this was mainly due to the experience and design quality of M&C. The development phase moved at an impressive pace and the quality I ended up with, was outstanding. I genuinely was very impressed. I mainly had contact with PJ, and after having this experience, I doubt I would consider going to another agency again. I have had multiple dealings with agencies in the past, and the difference working with PJ, is the fact he has an entrepreneur ability which means he is operating in a difference space than many of the others I have met in this field. "

Charlie Simpson, Milk Station

" If like me you are new to the world of UX, UI and all things apps, choosing an agency to help deliver your project can be a difficult and nerve-wracking process. Having been through this process myself, I can confidently say that if you choose to work with Mallard and Claret then you won't be disappointed - they are an amazingly talented and passionate team that work tirelessly so that you don't have to, and they will likely go far and beyond your expectations. I thoroughly recommend them for anything UX/UI or Wordpress related! Charlie "

Sophie Kenyon, Broadgate

" Mallard & Claret are the epitome of experts their field, they speak from a place of knowledge and understanding, with a great ability to manage even the trickiest of clients! "

Patricia Akingbe, Broadgate Estates

" As a client, I've worked with several UX Agencies over the past 6 years. Mallard & Claret are the best in my experience not just in terms of the quality of their work, but also how they relate to the client. You can always guarantee that their output will exceed your expectations. "