D'Arcy Heath, UNUM

" They're a technology agency that we've been working with for over a year - they've been incredible in advising and implementing our digital roadmap, digital strategy and implementations. Incredibly solution-oriented, they're not phased by complexity - they love it in fact! A great partner who have enabled our digital journey at each stage - carefully, according to brief - always on time and budget! "

Sofia Lahnmann, Wella

" One of my favorite agencies! I love working with Kyan, the team is super nice and talented. "

Nicki McIntyre, Lloyd Webber Theatres

" Kyan are amazing creative team to work with - creative in their vision and their problem solving! "

Dora Giannioti, ITV

" Kyan has been an amazing partner to work with. Their expertise and support has been crucial to help us launch at scale. They managed to bring us the structure and the scalability we needed for a Design System that is used by many different product groups. All the designers we worked with have been at the top of their game and very flexible to work with. It's been a great partnership. "