Alp Semercioz (UK Managing Director)

Alp Semercioz


I am a performance-driven marketing professional with a passion for digital media.

Throughout my career, I was trusted with the responsibility of managing high-performing teams of digital experts across different markets, managing the relationship with the agency’s key accounts, while developing new business opportunities in parallel.
This opportunity allowed me to build a network of many brilliant individuals around the globe, many of whom I do not only consider clients or leads but friends.

I have been involved pretty much in all areas of digital marketing, from the initial client acquisition and go-to-market strategy development to expansion and new market entry via providing consultancy, planning, project management of the implementation of creative and media strategies and campaigns, and development of measurement and data visualization services.
The end goal was always the same: creating high-satisfaction, high-performing client relationships, which deliver growth and retention.

I believe in continuous improvement, both at an individual, organizational, and industrial level, and for the past 10+ years to the date I have been working towards that goal.