Louisa Breakell (Online Marketing Manager)

Louisa Breakell


From the snow-covered Alps to bustling Brussels, Louisa spent many of her early years honing her French and Italian language skills, before “settling down” at Interdirect a little over three years ago. For all of her wanderlust and variety of jobs however, a common thread that has linked them all is her passion for marketing, and the digital direction it’s been heading in.

Committed to keeping ID at the vanguard of new marketing developments and to delivering excellent results for her clients, a standard day for Louisa is to spend time researching what is new in digital marketing, or delving into the nitty gritty of data to find out where our clients’  marketing strategy could be working better for them. 

When not in the office, you’ll find her fawning over ski holidays or earning that extra cheeseburger in the gym.