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Unless you’ve been living under a rock this year, you’ll have heard about artificial intelligence. The field combines computer science and datasets to enable problem-solving and mimic human intelligence. And it can be used in many industries, including marketing. Let’s look at how AI can help with this process, and its limitations.


Marketing automation and personalisation

There’s no doubt that automating simple marketing tasks saves valuable time, freeing staff up for more complex projects. It would be hard to imagine the workplace today without using mass email marketing systems instead of writing each one out individually, for example. AI can be used as a tool for this purpose too. Just one example of how AI can be used for marketing automation is for writing social media captions when inspiration is hard to find. We find this technique works well as a starting point for generic subjects, such as an awareness day, but lacks the bespoke approach that comes with human understanding. Another example of how AI can be used for marketing automation is pulling together lots of research - for example as background information when writing a blog or coming up with a content plan for the year. Again, unless the articles you wish to publish are very broad, a degree of reviewing and tailoring this work will be required. Authenticity is crucial when it comes to marketing a brand, and this is something AI is currently unable to generate as well as humans.

And of course, when it comes to promoting your own business, 100% accuracy is key. AI does not have all the background information which humans gather organically, such as a client’s preferences, so it is more limited when it comes to impactful marketing.


Predictive analytics and forecasting

Another way marketers can use AI is by asking it to perform predictive analytics. This will help them identify trends and predict consumer behaviour, allowing them to adjust strategies accordingly. This may help identify which products are more likely to resonate with their target audience. For example, asking AI which food products are trending could help the marketing arm of a deli or a restaurant identify which products are most likely to resonate with their target audience. They can then create a marketing plan based on their own products and marketing mechanisms, from newsletters to PPC campaigns.


Optimisation of knowledge and SEO

Embracing and utilising AI is the only way we can fully understand its capabilities, and limitations. AI tools such as Chatbot GTP are useful for optimising knowledge, that is organising and improving it to increase its effectiveness. Some people use AI as a way to draw lots of knowledge together, rather than having to conduct as much research on search engines. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a different ball game altogether. Earlier this year, our in-house expert Christa Chambers predicted one of the biggest SEO trends for 2023 would be voice optimisation. That’s because of the rise in smart speakers and virtual assistants, meaning more content needs to be optimised for voice search. AI can be used to help develop strategies for creating voice-friendly content. So yes, it is possible for AI tools to work with SEO and write to SEO terms, but the content does not take into account the business’ tone of voice required and other nuances. 

It is also unable to perform the full range of SEO techniques experts in this field - and here at Hydra Creative - use to boost website visibility. SEO is a science, and many variables such as off-line SEO and technical SEO need to be brought into line to convert visitors into sales.


Use both AI and experts for peak performance

Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly useful in marketing. But in most cases it cannot stand alone or replace the work undertaken by humans effectively. Using AI as a marketing aid as just one technique in your toolkit is the best approach when it comes to promoting your business.


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