Molly Boston (Digital Account Manager)

Molly Boston


My career sort of began as a semi-professional joy rider at Alton Towers. That didn’t work out – I kept throwing up over everyone.

Then I got onto diggers – those great big yellow ones – but feeling I was in a bit of a hole I moved to a digital agency to start a career in SEO. I thought it stood for Save Endangered Ostriches. Silly me!

Imagine my surprise when I had to start dealing with clients, briefs and going to the pub Fridays to recover. (I didn’t get to save any ostriches, though I did once make friends with a great big owl.) There’s still a mark on my coat where it pooped on me.

Thankfully by this time I’d discovered that SEO actually stood for Sausage, Egg and Oatcakes. This was when I came to Harrison Carloss.

Now I’m an Account Manager here so I get to use my various personalities and dip into a lot of different roles. I love it!