Campaign Spotlight: Aldi's Christmas musical feast and the return of Kevin the Carrot.

TV/Cinema Creative

This Christmas, after you’ve stuffed your turkey, then yourself, before collapsing, flushed and flatulent in front of the TV, prepare to be entertained by a bunch of crazy vegetables in Aldi’s latest Yuletide ad.

Yet again Kevin the carrot tops the festive bill, singing and dancing as only a carrot can (and almost getting himself shredded into a salad).


The spot opens to find Kevin is up against the Leafy Blinders, a nasty gang of street sprouts led by Russell Sprout. (A take-off of BBC drama Peaky Blinders about a criminal gang in 1919 Birmingham.) 

It seems competition can get pretty fierce in the vegetable rack around Christmas, as brandishing banners bearing such slogans as ‘Carrots for the chop’, ‘Feed him to Rudolph’, and ‘Sprouts rule’, the gang of green meanies have Kevin tied to a grater, about to spill some carrot juice.  


But fear not, for Kevin is freed by a friendly tomato named Tiny Tom, whereupon our orange hero legs it to a circus tent, takes to the stage and does a Robbie Williams, singing, “Sprouts are gone and Kevin’s here, shower me with festive cheer, break those mince pies over here, with cream!”

This gets the audience rooting for Kevin, and as a fantastic feast of Christmas goodies is lowered from above, Kevin belts out: “Decorate your Christmas tree, smother me in cranberries, what’s that flying over me, reindeer?”


It’s not reindeer, it’s Kev’s feisty wife, Katie the Carrot, all spangles and purple hair as she swings gracefully into frame on a tiny trapeze, and now Kevin breaks into the tune of Robbie Williams’ “Let Me Entertain You”.

Backing him up are dancing mince pies, snowmen, Brussels sprouts swinging from the roof, and Katie the Carrot performing trapeze acrobatics overhead.

At this point Russell Sprout appears holding a sign that reads: “Sprouts rule.” He’s thrown into the air, landing in the mouth of a cannon that fires him right out of the big top. Ta-ra! 

So our carrot family triumph again, and Kevin, Katie and their three carrot kids gather together to take their bow.

Creative agency McCann have made a proper meal of the Kevin character yet again. And while after four years on the boil, you might wonder if the little carrot isn’t a bit overdone by now, he still seems to have plenty of life left in him.


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