Why great design is a winning investment

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It’s a simple fact that when things are designed better, they work better. This is true not just for the design of products, but for the graphic design we use to represent and promote them.


Great design works not only on a conscious level, but on a subliminal level. It influences how we feel about things and what they mean to us. But in today’s overcrowded marketplace only the very best designs stand out from the crowd.


Great design sells itself.


Apple is one of the best examples. From the design of the branding, through to the design of Apple’s products themselves, you get a strong and consistent message and a lasting impression that says this is how good things should look, and how well they should work.


Great design makes you stand out.


We buy what we like the look of. The same goes for graphics. A strong visual design can jump off the page and make your business look more credible and reliable. Great design also says authenticity and bolsters your reputation by underlining your strategy and messaging. Great design reflects and reinforces your business ethos and purpose.


Great design works hard online.


Visual appeal strongly influences online behaviour. If a potential customer finds your website unattractive or hard to navigate, chances are you’ll lose them. That’s why you must have a beautifully designed site that makes the most effective use of colour, imagery, white space and graphics to guide a consumer to key information such as available and relevant products/services and prices.


Great design creates the best first impression.


For instance, it takes only about 50 milliseconds for potential customers to form an opinion on your website, so that first impression really counts. They set the tone for the rest of your business relationship. A good graphic designer will create consistent, credible and memorable design for your brand across all visual media.


Great design speaks a thousand words.


Great graphic design can push boundaries with boldly innovative visual ideas that communicate with an audience instantly, below the level of thought. The best graphic design has the power to future-proof a brand by creating and combining visual elements in ways that are as distinctive online as they are on the printed page. All of which is why great design can work wonders for your bottom line.


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