Gabrielle Kirk, University of Nottingham

" I have absolutely loved working with Hallam. From full-day training days with Jack and Alex, to the ongoing weekly support from Molly over the last year - everyone is so friendly, encouraging, and knowledgeable - so much knowledge and insight! They're just a really great agency and have loved working with them and having the opportunity to learn so much and have that ongoing support. "

Jack Hardy, Sygnature Discovery

" As a digital marketing leader, it is my goal to create an environment in which a continuous improvement strategy can be executed. As a team we test, learn and improve through data-driven decision-making - this lives at the heart of everything we do. With regards to applying this methodology to Google Ads, Hallam has done just that. Their implementation of Hagakure has instantly improved performance while also laying the foundation for a considered and efficient approach to continuous improvement. Working collaboratively with Hallam has been an absolute pleasure. They have taken the time to thoroughly educate the team on Hagakure best practices to ensure we continue to improve performance. "

Sarah Rumbles, Crane Garden Buildings

" Having previously worked with a small, local agency, choosing to work with Hallam and their wealth of expertise over the past few months has been incredibly eye-opening. Above all, they are all such warm, friendly people, and it is a joy to work with them. I feel like we are cared about and valued, and it is a great experience to benefit from their knowledge and passion for their individual marketing specialisms. My one tiny critique would be that it is a big team, so it can be tricky arranging meetings sometimes; however, the same could be said about my team too. "

Jane Burns, Rainbows Hospice

" Hallam were a dream to work with. It was a real partnership and they were responsive and professional whilst being a really lovely bunch of people. The culture at Hallam shines through in their work and their response when there were issues was always good. They demonstrated it from the original pitch right through to today. "

Lynda Martin, Homematch

" The process of webdeisgn was informative, creative and actaully enjoyable. The project was delivered on time to allow full functionality of my business and has received many compliments for its vibe and content. "

Tom Marks , GBG plc

" Having worked with Hallam for nearly a year, I highly recommend them as a fantastic B2B PPC expert. Working in a field with a high B2C crossover in search terms, Hallam have strategically led and structured our account performance to consistently progress and deliver high quality leads. "