Paul Judge, Air-IT

" Hallam Internet are a fantastic agency, with great people that are experts in all aspects of digital marketing. They have become an integral part of our marketing team that has helped take our online presence to the next level. They deliver measurable results that leads to new business. Digital marketing is a subtle art these days and is continually evolving - therefore as a small internal marketing team its difficult for us to keep up - Hallam bring the expertise and skill set we need to help make to most of our digital presence to deliver real results. "

Abra Millar, Ann Craft Trust

" Hallam were incredible from start to finish of our new website project. They so quickly grasped the needs of our audiences and so clearly communicated with our whole team. We always felt in safe hands throughout the project and now have a website which is easy to use and allows us to deliver exactly what our audiences want and need. Their passion and dedication is inspiring to be around and to be part of. "

Emma Todd, IML Labels

" Hallam are a great agency to work with and have supported us through a variety of projects. Unlike many agencies, Hallam haven't lost the human touch to marketing. "

Mirabela Palade, Source Bioscience

" I find the agency very reliable, offering us tailored solutions for our specific needs. The communication was always easy and we received all the necessary support we required. Highly recommend it! "

Krishan Turner-Dave, Astute Marketeers

" We, and our client were very pleased with the website created by Hallam in late-2017. The team at Hallam provided an excellent service all-round and we would definitely look to them as our first option when partnering with an agency on web development activity. "

Nicola Astle, Rayburn Tours

" We have been hugely impressed by the team at Hallam Marketing. Overall a highly knowledgeable team who adopt a very open and honest approach. It really has been refreshing to work alongside a business who share the same values as the family here at Rayburn Tours. The team are always focussing their efforts to ensure that we, as a business, feel like their number one priority is to improve our online strategy. Communication of credible, sound and honest guidance is a constant. Together I know we can drive our marketing efforts forward for the better. "

Gary Peters, The Metals Warehouse

" Hallam took over our SEO last April. Prior to that we used a 'jack of all trades' company to look after our website and everything that went with it. Using Hallam increased our overhead quite a bit, but they presented very well and clearly knew how to take our online store forwards. The investment has resulted in my sales increasing five fold. We are now investing in a new site after Hallam have allowed us to see the true potential of our online market. "

Rebecca Silvers, Passmore Group

" A fantastic agency underpinned by fantastic people - we could not be happier with the approach, knowledge, eagerness and understanding shown by everyone at Hallam, especially Mark our PPC account manager. Over the past 12months we have seen some excellent results as a direct result of our PPC strategy and look forward to seeing what the future holds as we continue our collaborative efforts, focusing on new digital areas. "

Susan Wheatcroft, Virtual Runner

" The team at Hallam Internet have honestly helped to change my life (sounds dramatic but true) - I have with their help reduced my admin time by approximately 6 hours a day and have grown by business to a level where I was able to leave my full time job to concentrate on it. I could not have achieved such growth without the ideas and implementation from Hallam. My customers also love the fact they were involved in the testing of our site and we make continual changes which support our customers needs further. "

Kay Knowles, Wastecyle

" Hallam are an excellent agency who are a real pleasure to work with. "

Greg Lennox, RAL Display

" Hallam Internet have been a pleasure to work with over the last two years. They have managed our project throughout with professionalism and have communicated with us on every step of the way. They are a thoroughly good company to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend them. "

Adam Wood, Rock City

" Fantastic example of what a great digital company should strive to be in this ever changing landscape. "