Clients & Partners

Ditchling Spirits Ltd

Time frame: Past

The challenge we gave Graphic Brands was to develop a brand look that reflected the uniqueness of the product (that being the first premium toffee vodka to enter the UK market), and the ethos of how the sort of the occasion that we believed the drink should be part of 'An act or period of unrestrained indulgence'. GB created a distinctive and elegant looking packaging; a bottle that stands out on the bar shelf, in harmony with a stylish label that reflects the quality of the product within.

Foley Wines

Time frame: Present

The design brief was for an earth friendly, natural craft cider. The labels had to reflect apples and orchards as well as cider and had to look completely different to every other brand on the market. Craft ciders don't generally tend to be as cutting edge with their design as craft beers, and possibly don't connect with Generation X who are more experimental with their drinks - this connection was requested. The overall feeling and finish of the label was therefore important, as was a sense of place. The label had to reflect a person and the precise area of Somerset in which he lived - his character, name and experience had to be conveyed, as well as the orchards in which he lived and worked. Rather than a pretentious golden crown to match his title, a modern interpretation of a garland of apple leaves was requested. Two labels were required, the first was for an eye-catching everyday non-vintage blended cider and the second was for a more serious and muted vintage cider - both had to be visibly connected and complimentary. The text had to explain the cider, person and name/title while also enforcing the sense of place and earth friendliness. The 'organic' feel was important in the design; the remit was to connect the drinker to the orchards and to the farmer/person and in turn to the brand I.e to the earth. As well as appearing natural and 'organic', a modern element was still needed as the cider, as a drink, is very pure and modern. Was it possible to connect a responsible 'green' Gen X drinker to the brand? Could the drinker connect, share and understand The Appleyard King's philosophy? By conveying and sharing beliefs, would they have brand loyalty and commitment?

Beanies Flavour Co.

Time frame: Present

Brand management for all packaging, design and marketing on NPD across multiple print platforms.