Paul Clough, Discovery Inc.

" Always go the extra mile to support delivery. Never let us down in providing solutions to challenges. "

Ben Sansom, EIC

" A hard working, enthusiastic team. Delivered on the spec to the letter. Can't fault them. "

George Simons, RSC

" Collaborative, professional and friendly. FX have an expertise in using the design process approach to produce brilliant creative and technical solutions. They delivered a range of innovative sites for the project. The celebrated UX was integral to the success of the project, delivering the original experience and supporting our wide range of audiences. Working to tight deadlines they collaborated effectively with a large team of stakeholders and were professional throughout. "

Sarah Ellis, Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC)

" FX Digital was a brilliant company to work with on Dream - we created a wonderful site that welcomed audiences from around the world and experience live performance globally. "

Paul Usherwood, Discovery Inc

" I have worked with this agency for the best part of three years and not once have we delivered late regardless of the complexity or scope of work. I would recommend FX Digital as a forward thinking agency with the appropriate skill set to deliver on Connected devices. "

Caitlin Barber, Bath College

" FX has been a great company to work with since I took post, as someone who is interested in the web work, they always take the time to explain how they have fixed issues, so that I can learn more about the site, and also do it myself in the future. They are timely and keep me updated on the progress of my requests. When work cannot be completed they provide workaround options, which is useful if you aren't tech savvy. "

John Wilson, Honest Video

" FX are a joy to work with. "

Sam Brown, Fascinate Productions

" Easy to work with, friendly staff at every level, in every interaction. They brought a lot of energy to the projects and were full of ideas of how to make our plans come to life in a practical way. "