The Reasons Kitchen Brands Should Be Taking Action in 2021: Industry Analysis

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Recent stats show that more people are cooking and more people are renovating, which has proved to be the perfect combination for the kitchen brands taking advantage of a surge in interest.


The insights below highlight the key points of our research into this category and the ways emerging brands can capitalise on the changes and trends that are currently influencing all things kitchen. 


Executive Summary 

  • 55% of homeowners are planning home improvement projects in light of the restrictions in 2020
  • 34% of homeowners have done a kitchen renovation in the last 3 years
  • Installing a new kitchen is the second most intended project
  • Pockets of keyword opportunities exist for smaller industry brands if they target the right keywords
  • The group most likely to be planning a new kitchen renovation is women aged 30-44


Industry Overview 

This year has seen one of the greatest increases in home improvement; according to a report published by Houzz, since March UK’s homeowners have spent £55 billion on renovations, which is approximately £4,000 per home (Houzz, 2020). Kitchen renovations and home appliances purchases have increased as more people are taking advantage of extra time and finances to make improvements to their living spaces. Kitchen renovations is the second most intended project for homeowners. For consumers researching and planning such renovations, case studies, testimonials and inspiration are the main sources of information. 


Category Statistics

The spike in peoples’ interest in kitchens is two-fold, both a result of the restrictions we experienced in 2020. Firstly, since March people’s interest in taking on home improvement has increased; according to a survey conducted by Santander, three in five (61%) homeowners carried out a DIY or renovation project during lockdown. Specifically, in regards to kitchen projects, installing a new kitchen is one of the top projects when it comes to home improvements in the UK. On the other hand, as a result of staying home more, 51% of people are cooking more. In fact, 1 in 5 people have widened their repertoire of recipes since the spring lockdown and a 5th of Brits are cooking meals from scratch (Independent, 2020). These statistics show the massive opportunity for kitchen brands to build their customer revenue and overall, improve their brand recognition and exposure. 


Audience Insights 

Using the TGI Consumer Analysis tool the group most likely to be planning a new kitchen renovation is women aged 30-44. They are 3x more likely than the average UK adult to spend £3000 or more on kitchens. Before this purchase is made, 78% of this audience who are planning home improvements will begin their research by finding ideas and inspiration online. In fact they are 2.5 more likely to use their mobile to conduct their pre-purchase research.  


Search Landscape

Taking a look at the search landscape for kitchen brands, large specialist kitchen companies such as Howdens, Wren and Magnet Kitchens account for 85% of all traffic going to kitchen related searches. Nonetheless, kitchen search terms see over 160k searches on an average per month. In Google Ads, competition for these terms is high and getting to page one can be an expensive and volatile task, especially for smaller brands. This suggests that targeting long-tail keywords is an opportunity for smaller brands to compete for high intent traffic.   

Keyword Tool IO highlights that searches for kitchen related terms have increased recently after an initial drop in the spring. Specifically, there are over 400 keywords related to ‘kitchens’ with a lot of available search volume. Other terms more specifically related to ‘kitchen renovations’ with over 200 unique keywords, also have seen an increase in search volume.