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Attracting investment funds and telling your story to secure the money


The investment world, from hedge funds to private equity and sovereign wealth funds, has become a complex landscape. Technical jargon and over-information can cloud this landscape, leaving even the most experienced investors and analysts asking more questions. Moreover, it‘s an industry dominated by individual personalities and their relationships – a strength, until they depart. Thus fund managers are now starting to look to the world of brand to understand how to create a clear and compelling narrative. Here are just some of the 
key lessons they need to focus on…

  1. 1. Define your brand

A key job of your new investment story is to court trust. Your culture, values, and behaviours all come into play. So start by defining the things you stand for, making sure it matches the reality.

  1. 2. Get the experts in

Sometimes you can just be too close to the story you’re trying to tell. A third party will provide an objective filter on what’s important, what might be missing, and how best to shape what remains into a coherent narrative.

  1. 3. Effective design is not subjective

There is a science to the way things should be presented. The layout of a page, the colour of the text, the shape of a logo… these are all things which can be informed by data and experience. Better that than a hunch.

  1. 4. Adapting doesn’t mean dumbing down

The investment sector is not immune to the cultural shifts in the way information is consumed. Entertaining, bitesize, digital, and attractive content increasingly resonates in any setting.

  1. 5. Institutionalise your identity

Consistency is everything. Ensure your colleagues are aligned to your story, know how to tell it, and can easily access the new brand collateral they will need.

It's good to talk

Interest in culture and its impact on shareholder value continues to grow. If you would like to discuss these topics and how reporting can help define how culture is communicated, we’d love to hear from you.