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So much more than a logo


A successful brand is about so much more than the stuff you make and the services you provide. Your is your calling card, an assurance of quality and values. It is one of your most important assets of a company, but in the corporate world it is all too often confined to a tick box list of logo, fonts and colours. Here are some simple tips…

  1. 1. Promote your purpose

Explain why you exist, what you stand for and the behaviours you expect. Whatever the format or channel, this simple statement of intent serves as a simple internal and external commitment.

  1. 2. Employees are your advocates

Your employees deliver your brand. In order to present an authentic and consistent experience they need to know what the company stands for and what its purpose is. Ignore clear internal communications at your peril.

  1. 3. Get your story right

Messaging evolves. This makes consistency challenging. Develop core messaging, style and design in one primary channel – then provide the tools and media to ensure it is played out consistently, by all user, across every channel and medium to meet audience needs.

  1. 4. Know what they're thinking

Opinion and sentiment can shift in a moment. Using simple, efficient digital monitoring tools can help you analyse how your brand is being received, taking the pulse of your brand health (and the competition’s).

  1. 5. Be agile

Ensure your visual identity and tone of voice is capable of being flexible within a consistent framework. This will ensure you can easily move with audiences as they congregate around new trends and technologies.

  1. 6. Evolve, share and save

Daily investment in your brand’s comms reduces larger periodic spend. By keeping ongoing brand and messaging development strongly connected across your business you aid continual development, you increase consistency, and you reduce the needs 
for longer term costs.

  1. 7. Release your brand’s potential across your business

Audiences’ perceptions of your company will be the sum of their many experiences of it. All your activities influence perception and affect performance. It makes sense to involve brand specialists in conversations as diverse as finance, governance, operations and HR.

It's good to talk

Branding and comms isn’t easy. But we think it’s better all round if meeting audience needs is a key goal for everyone on the team. If you’d like to have a chat about your corporate brand, your company’s identity and wider comms within your business, we’d love to hear from you.