Closing the Gap: Womenomics in Action

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In this article, we examine the issue of gender imbalance within project management roles and explore the interesting principles of womenomics.

In the ever-evolving world of project management, women are significantly underrepresented. Shockingly, recent statistics from the Project Management Institute (PMI) reveal that only 20-30% of project managers are women. We found this statistic to be especially surprising, as the Filter project management team is 100% female.

This gender disparity not only highlights the need for transformative action within the project management space but also underscores the potential of womenomics – a concept focused on harnessing the power of women to drive growth and foster gender equality.

We want to explore the reasons why women may not be utilised in a project management role and discuss how you can implement key womenomics principles in your workplace, to combat any gender imbalances.

Why should we care about gender equality?

Aside from the obvious reasons, there are many benefits to improving diversity and inclusivity in your business.

Gender equality fosters a more inclusive work environment, which has been proven to enhance creativity, innovation and team problem-solving capabilities.

By creating equal opportunities, businesses can access a much larger talent pool, attracting skilled individuals no matter their gender.

Embracing gender equality can lead to higher employee engagement, job satisfaction, boost productivity and reduce staff turnover rates. It also reinforces your corporate responsibility and compliance with workplace regulations.

You will be actively contributing to a fair and equal society, encouraging sustainable growth and making a positive impact in the long run.

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