Agency search

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Search data and insights on more than 7000 agencies. Professional and Enterprise members narrow the field in a flash using our powerful search functions.

Longlist to shortlist

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Create a shortlist in two short steps. Name your project. Add those you like straight from the search. No more spreadsheets, post-its or loose papers. Everything saved in one place. Always.

Instant message

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Reach multiple agencies from your shortlist with our messaging tool. Send RFP's, share ideas, briefs and even attach documents. Replies come straight to your inbox.

Agency profiles

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Make RFI's a thing of the past. Each agency profile already contains the information you need to do your due diligence. Meaning you're in market in an instant.

Advanced searching

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Cutting down thousands of agencies to get to the few that really do what you are looking for is not an easy task. But that's what RAR is all about! A range of filters help you to narrow your search results to a digestible number. Sort the results as you please. e.g. by relevance (the closest match based on your selected factors) or simply by ratings, size, awards, latest activity. Only want agencies that provide rate card details? Filter out the ones that don't. RAR allows you to swiftly identify the best agencies for your need. Simple.

Search results

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RAR is all about performance and transparency. And we hold ourselves to these standards. That's why our Professional and Enterprise members will see the results as they have been earned, based on the quality of an agency performance and supporting evidence only. Basic members wil see results that include agencies who have boosted their position for certain services.

The ratings agency for agencies

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The ratings and reviews we collect help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current and/or future agencies

Compare and benchmark

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Compare apples with apples (or agencies) using the agency comparison report, a benchmarking tool that compares multiple agencies across all the key datapoints.

Keep your secret identity

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When you use our platform, your identity remains secret. All the insight you need on your terms, without any calls or unhelpful sales contact to derail your timeline


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If there's anything you need, questions to be answered, suggestions you have or if you'd just like to check the best approach for your next project, just call.


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As well as giving you access to a great online resource, we also know a thing or two about how to manage an effective and successful selection. Contact our consultancy team to discuss your next brief.


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Want to get your team up-to-speed on the platform and realise quick wins for your next process? Book a training session and we’ll take you through all the key features so you can start fast.