Dale Davies (Head of Marketing)

Dale Davies


Hi, I'm Dale, I'm obsessed with digital marketing and I earn 1000s of leads per year for the award-winning digital marketing agency, Exposure Ninja.

I lead the digital marketing team sourcing hundreds of inbound leads a month for our sales team.

I spend my time leading a team of brilliant digital marketers. I love helping them to grow within their roles and succeed within our agency.

I coach the marketing team on digital strategy, content creation and promotion. Together, we earned ~4,000 inbound leads in 2020.

As part of the leadership team, I play an active part in the success of our client's digital marketing campaigns, run in dozens of industries.

I've over five years experience in the digital marketing industry. I've been a Digital Strategy Manager and the Head of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) at Exposure Ninja.

I'm passionate about helping businesses to use digital marketing to grow. I love being a partner in their growth journeys and take pride in reaching and smashing their goals.