James Shakespeare (Founder & Chairman)

James Shakespeare


I’ve spent nearly 20 years in website design and eCommerce. Over 12 of these have been building Evosite into the multi-skilled, multi-disciplined web agency it is today. We specialise in creating exceptional online user experiences and highly converting websites, particularly B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions.


Our 300+ satisfied customers include major national and multinational brands.Whether or not we created your site we can draw on our expertise to help you deliver superior user experiences through a methodical and scientific optimisation programme.


Evosite turns the potential of internet & mobile technologies into increased sales and higher profits. Every eCommerce website we deliver is always one element of a more comprehensive business solution. Here are the people we work with:


AMBITIOUS MANAGEMENT TEAMS - Are you struggling to generate sales from your website or eCommerce solution? We help businesses to optimise their websites and digital presence to convert more sales. We also help you review, streamline and improve your entire customer experience to build brand loyalty and maximise customer lifetime values.


MARKETING & ECOMMERCE MANAGERS - Is your current web agency supporting your goals and delivering your targets? Our talented team of over 25 in-house experts have 10 years+ experience in building, refining and supporting industry leading B2B/B2C eCommerce solutions. We know how to build sites and we know how to optimise them to generate maximum revenue.