McGill and Partners, Stephen Cross

" We have found Earnest to be incredibly easy to work with....a really creative team that get along with each other! They told us that if we didn't feel slightly uncomfortable then we were probably like everyone else .....so we followed their advice Went for something different and are delighted with the outcome on our branding and positioning. They also go the extra mile ...and fast. They are amazing and I have no problem speaking to anyone that wants more details. In a word "amazing"! "

Georgia Kandrettis, Vodafone

" Earnest are a fantastic agency to work with. They're an extremely welcoming team and it's clear how well they work together from the pieces of work that they produce. I would definitely recommend them to any company. "

Hugo Marland, McGill and Partners

" An exceptional agency. We are a start up and Earnest has helped us build our brand from scratch. The team has been proactive, consistent, reliable, creative and fast moving - adapting to numerous changes along the way. We are delighted that we will continue to work with them and look forward to developing new concepts in the future together. Far exceeded our expectations. "

Nicola Baker, Vodafone

" The best B2B agency I have worked with. Being able to work transparently, with trust and speed, we have delivered some of the our most effective campaigns ever. Our work is global best practice and we have done things differently. I have 100% trust in the Earnest team to deliver and to do the right thing. "

Michael Coden, ProQuo AI

" Earnest were a delight to work with. As experts in the B2B space, they understand that marketing to business owners doesn't need to be significantly different to marketing to consumers. They make B2B marketing fun, interesting and creative. They work with their clients like partners. Earnest separate themselves from the pack due to their versatility, quality of creative thinking & their innovative approaches to helping business of all size and scale. "