Mo Abdool-Raman, Vodafone

" Earnest are an amazing B2B agency. Due to the breadth of their experience, they can bring real creativity when approaching any brief they are given. Moreover, they are keen problem solvers - nothing is too difficult to approach. Amazing service was also offered. I can't wait to work with them on our next project. "

Leon Houseman, Landmark Information

" The team at Earnest are great to work with. They've been great to support us with our B2B marketing vision and bring creativity to everything that they do. "

Elaine Bramall, McGill and Partners

" So far my only 'dislike' is that I can't afford to use them more often. They are a premium agency and as such I can't use them for everything which is a shame. I really like the team we have there and their enthusiasm for us and what we do. "

Emil Janssens , Allianz AGCS

" Earnest is an excellent creative marketing agency, very knowledgeable when it comes to B2B marketing related topics. They brought in-depth expertise and experience, collaboration skills and enthusiasm to the team. They are excellent problem solvers, always willing to help and great sparring partners. Agency you can trust and rely on. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Alison Major, "

Hans Petter Nyvik, TagSensors

" It was a pleasure working with the whole Earnest team. They were highly committing to understanding our business and very result driven. They were also very adaptable when changes occurred on our side. We are very satisfied with the results of their work. "

Cristie Hammond, WSP

" The team at Earnest has great energy and enthusiasm, which underpins their collective strategic thinking and creative flair. I love that the team has immersed themselves in our industry. I have learnt a lot from them over the course of our campaign. "