Steev Glover, SoftBank Robotics

" Earnest are classy outfit - they deliver on what they promise and they do it with flair. I was impressed with their work from the beginning and remain so. They are great fun to work with as well. Which I think is essential! "

Julia Scott, Microsoft

" We really enjoyed working with the team, they listened, gathered the right information, knew our business and understood our customer challenges to create relevant marketing and seller materials to leverage throughout the customer journey. Plus kept us on track with regards to timelines and budget - a must for any campaign development! "

Chris Witte, BMI Group

" Excellent to work with. Highly committed to understanding your business in order to add maximum value. Some excellent work delivered for our business, both at a strategy and executional level. "

McGill and Partners, Daisy Jackson

" I have worked with Earnest for the past 6 months since starting my role at McGill and Partners and have been incredibly impressed with the quality and creative vision of the team. We have worked on a number of projects together and every time the team have stepped up and been able to fully understand briefs and provide us with exciting, innovative content and style. Special mention to Sadie and George who have been a great liaisons for us on various projects and always kept to our deadlines and briefs and helped us think of new ideas. Also mention to the Creative team and Matt Frost and Matt Kilgour who have been able to take our initial thoughts and helped us think outside the box to deliver output that has helped position us as a business with an outstanding brand that is different and exciting in our industry. "

McGill and Partners, Stephen Cross

" We have found Earnest to be incredibly easy to work with....a really creative team that get along with each other! They told us that if we didn't feel slightly uncomfortable then we were probably like everyone else .....so we followed their advice Went for something different and are delighted with the outcome on our branding and positioning. They also go the extra mile ...and fast. They are amazing and I have no problem speaking to anyone that wants more details. In a word "amazing"! "

Georgia Kandrettis, Vodafone

" Earnest are a fantastic agency to work with. They're an extremely welcoming team and it's clear how well they work together from the pieces of work that they produce. I would definitely recommend them to any company. "

Lucy Strang, Savanta

" We had a rare opportunity to build and launch a brand from scratch. We couldn't have done it with such quality and in the timeframe we had if it wasn't for Earnest. They were definitely our 'secret sauce'. "