Hans Petter Nyvik, TagSensors

" It was a pleasure working with the whole Earnest team. They were highly committing to understanding our business and very result driven. They were also very adaptable when changes occurred on our side. We are very satisfied with the results of their work. "

Cristie Hammond, WSP

" The team at Earnest has great energy and enthusiasm, which underpins their collective strategic thinking and creative flair. I love that the team has immersed themselves in our industry. I have learnt a lot from them over the course of our campaign. "

Mathias Schmidt, TagSensors AS

" Earnest was chosen by us to completely reposition our brand and build a website / e-commerce platform to promote and sell our product to a global B2B audience. The result is great and we are now planning with Earnest to set up and run ongoing online marketing campaigns in 2022. "

Jo Smith, Access Group

" Working with Earnest was like working with an extended part of our in-house team. They really got into the nuts and bolts of our organisation and helped us to reach decisions on our strategic direction for the brand. They were open to constructive feedback and acted upon it, challenging our thought processes where necessary. I'd happily recommend Earnest as an agency to partner with. "

Kate Hassler, Access Group

" Earnest is my go-to B2B marketing agency for work that delivers stand-out creative based on deep thinking about the audience and outcomes. "

Gabriela Pasa, McGill and Partners

" Earnest is a great marketing agency, one that truly understands its clients. They have been part of our journey since we launched our business in 2019 and they helped us create a unique brand which stands out through its simplicity. They are a team of brilliant people who want to help us achieve the best results and this is why we don't see them only as an external partner, but as an extension of our own team. "

Alex Sutton, Freshwave

" I love the creative energy - and keeping us on point. This momentum has driven company wide excitement and let us think more out side of the box when developing content, assets and sales supporting documents. "

McGill and Partners, Stephen Cross

" Earnest are an excellent firm and behave in a very client centric way. They have the ability to "make boring beautiful again". Incredibly easy to work with. They look like a group of people who like each other! A team that you would enjoy a night out with as you would likely have a good laugh. They have helped us from day one when there was only a handful of us in London to our current position of 375 people in UK, Ireland, Bermuda and the USA. This was done in 26 months and during Covid! We will continue to grow with their help. Highly recommended .....Seven star service. "