It's time to break out of the London echo chamber. We're off on The Trip.

18th July 2017

Sometimes as marketers we don’t look hard enough at stuff. We’re far too happy generalising, following stereotypes and not taking to time to look a bit deeper – especially when it comes to the audience we are talking to.

If you don’t believe me then Google ‘small business owner’ and you’ll see what I mean – coffee and flower shop owning, tech savvy, millennials. And while for many small business owners this may be the case, we know they are much more diverse and interesting than this – each with their individual story to tell.

So, as part of our Think Small programme, we’re off on a two-week trip around the UK to meet a whole host of small business owners to hear all about their lives and exactly what’s on their mind.

Travelling across 10 counties we’ll be meeting Cider Farmers, Shoe designers, Butchers, eBay millionaires, Arcade owners, Coffee Roasters, Dog walkers and everyone in between.

The aim is to give a snap shot of UK small business in 2017 and gain some insight into what really matters to the people whom work and life is so closely intertwined.

We’ll be creating videos, podcasts and blog posts that will showcase everyone we have met on when we come back next month.

In the mean time you can go here to sign up for updates and follow our social channels for live activity.

If you run a small business yourself, or know anyone who might be interested in being interviewed (outside of London) over the next few weeks we would be delighted to be put in touch. Pop an email to

We’re really looking forward to this one.

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