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When you work with brands, the first thing you need to rank for is your brand name, but that’s great if your customers have you in the front of mind and they know exactly what they are looking for.

But ... what if your users are searching for a specific product or service that you sell but they have never heard of you before or they may have heard of you but you are not in their front of mind when searching for this specific product or service... this is where understanding your customer base and the search intent (what the users are specifically searching for) along the different areas of the customer user journey shopping/search habits is so vital. Really digging deep and understanding the psychological brain of your users.

A user is searching for “Exercise Shoes” related term

Lets give an example:

A user is looking for ‘cross trainers ’ - exercise shoes - anything around sport shoes – the related term “cross trainers” have a combined average search volume of 78,530 a month, with peaks in January for these types of shows. This relates well to “dry jan” and as many of us do try and stay healthy in Jan, after Christmas.

As a brand you sell shoes but don’t have a specific page/section for ‘cross trainers’ however you sell, sport shoes. This shows the opportunity in this area for you to target your customers.  In this particular example, we would ensure there is a relevant page to target these users but also a campaign working with other marketing channels to ensure we get the maximum visibility results when users search for these terms in the Jan period.

Its important to have pages related to user search query

Building a page and section around ‘cross trainers’ - exercise trainers - gym trainers is something a user would look for and therefore being found on Google and having a page targeting these search terms when someone types that in is a vital part of your marketing user journey analysis.

At different stages of the user journey, users would be looking for and considering different aspects of a brand such as colour, size, cost, reviews etc but that comes after the user has found you on their search for ‘cross trainers’. Google calls this “user moments”, every industry has user moments and its ensuring we tap into the correct user moments along the different stages of your user customer journey.

At Dreier Digital we undertake user search analysis which you can take and accordingly create further pages/ information on your site to capture these users. We work through the whole process from research to analysis, recommendation and implementation to understand what users are searching for, the different user moments and where the opportunities are within your specific industry