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Video attracts attention and keeps it. That’s because our eyes are drawn to movement – particularly when surrounding elements are stationary, so naturally, video is a great way to pique interest. 

But other than attracting attention for advertising, video is also great for customer experience because it caters to how the majority of people learn best, better demonstrates pain points and triggers the subconscious which increases brand awareness. 

Video is a tried and tested tool that has enabled companies to expand their customer base, build connections and increase retention. So, it goes without saying that creating company-branded videos is a great way to enhance customer experience. 

Let’s look at it in more detail.

Caters to how people learn

Although print material is great for learning, video is more engaging and makes processing information easier. Videos are also accessible on the go and can be watched whenever and wherever on a number of smart devices. They can be paused, rewound and rewatched, enhancing understanding and knowledge retention more so than simply reading alone. 

Videos are great at breaking down complex topics into highly visual, bite-sized chunks that are easier to understand. Step-by-step and problem-solving videos can greatly assist customers when getting to know your products and services better, which can help them to make the most out of your brand.

Video helps to demonstrate pain points

When using video to improve CX, you need to make sure that its purpose is relevant and addresses specific problems you are aware your customers are having. This will improve your customers experience as they will be able to find help easily without having to reach out to your customer service team.

By tackling pain points head on, customers remain engaged with your brand for longer because their experience is a painless one. This will save them time, and your customer service team too! 

A great way to begin addressing customer pain points is to start by looking at their frequently asked questions. You can find these out by looking at reviews, asking them or speaking to your customer-facing team (whether that’s sales or customer service) about the types of complaints they receive. Once you have collated common pain points, you can create a video to address them all in one go.

When making a video to demonstrate pain points, you needn’t be so matter of fact either, it’s a chance to incorporate your brand’s culture and show some empathy. By applying storytelling, you can bring customer experiences to life, reduce bias and improve inclusivity, all of which enables customers to build deeper connections. 

Video triggers the subconscious

Tap into feelings and you’ll tap into your customer’s subconscious. Like how Nike uses emotional branding to motivate and inspire – you need to consider the feelings you want people to associate with your brand. 

Firstly, think about your audience and what you would like your relationship to be like. If you sell technology, perhaps you want your audience to feel in control. Maybe your business is about pet adoption, the feelings you want to convey here might be ones of giving and empathy. 

What industry are you in and what emotions do you want your brand to tap into? 

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