Reach Maturity in Digital Experience Optimisation (DxO)

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Evolve and improve your digital optimisation 

At its simplest, conversion rate optimsation (CRO) uses simple A/B testing to improve acquisition conversion rates.

The next evolutionary step is digital experience optimisation (DxO), which is effectively applying the same principles throughout the entire digital customer journey to drive acquisition, retention and ongoing recurring revenue.


Why brands should aim for maturity with DxO?

Evolving your optimisation to a full DxO program helps marketers to:

  • sustainably grow revenue
  • effectively interrogate and validate major business decisions and strategy
  • define and deliver a customer-centric experience that makes their brand stand out


Four stages to DxO maturity 

To reach full maturity and maximise the performance benefits DxO delivers requires brands to follow four stages.


Every organisation needs a keen advocate of experimentation and optimisation internally – someone who understands the value it can bring in helping to drive the performance of the business. The advocate will be working to deliver quick wins to prove the value of an experimentation and optimisation programme to key decision makers internally. The advocate is most likely to be a marketer who has optimisation bolted onto their existing job role.



The advocate will now have progressed to organise and establish industry best practice processes, and build infrastructure to scale the optimisation programme. 



At this point, with standards and best practice procedures in place, the optimisation program starts to expand more rapidly. Cross functional teams within the business start to work together to deliver objectives based on DxO activity. They see the opportunities in experimentation and collaboration. 

For example, the marketing team starts to work closely with the retention team in testing and using the learnings to improve customer relationship management (CRM) and drive revenue from customers across the entire journey. 

There should also be a small, dedicated optimisation team who start to collaborate with others within the organisation to support all testing and optimisation activity to drive brand performance.



Optimisation and experimentation should now be embedded throughout the entire organisation to help inform all decision making, from top to bottom. Everything from product, pricing and new features are experimented, with a shared framework and organisational-wide objectives. It’s at this point that the brand reaches maturity in DxO.


The process from advocate to cruise stage doesn’t happen overnight. The speed at which the process takes place depends on a number of factors:

  • the right team
  • tools and technology
  • good governance
  • a culture of experimentation
  • the right operating model


Kick start your optimisation

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