Autotrader Moves to Purchase Motor Trade Delivery

22nd August 2017

Early this year Auto Trader Group PLC has moved to purchase one of CSI Media's clients Motor Trade Delivery Ltd.

Motor Trade Delivery provides an online service through a real-time market place that allows business’s within the motor industry to list jobs/vehicles for the delivery of vehicles around the country where logistics and delivery companies can then bid on these jobs with the aim of winning the job.

The bespoke Motor Trade Delivery system was inittially built from the ground up by CSI Media in 2013 and has constantly been developed ever since.

It has been extremely rewarding for everyone involved at CSI Media to build, maintain and grow the bespoke solution since its initial launch and we are proud that we will continue to do so moving forward. 

Auto Trader Chief executive Trevor Mather was asked to comment on their recent purchase of Motor Trade Delivery said

“We have been extremely impressed by the technology platform and customer base that Motor Trade Delivery has built in a short space of time and are delighted to be welcoming them to the Auto Trader team”

He continued…

“We believe that their innovative product, combined with our scale, industry knowledge and relationships, will create an offering with growth potential that will strengthen our trade-to-trade business.

Through the platform, car dealerships and rental companies list ‘jobs’ – vehicles that need moving to another retailer site or a customer – and logistics providers bid for the jobs via a live auction process. Dealerships get the best possible price for the vehicle movement without needing to contact multiple potential providers and the logistics providers save time and money by getting access to greater volumes of work.”

You can find out more about the Motor Trade Delivery project on CSI Media's portfolio.