The perfect brief

Performance Marketing

Good results are built at the start.


Writing a good brief is essential to delivering great work. Fact. And, although all agencies and clients will have their preferred approach, the fundamentals are fairly consistent. So, why does the thought of creating a brief fill most with so much angst?

Often it is because we are trying to do too much and unwittingly trying to answer the very questions that we are actually going out to pitch for. When writing the perfect brief, you need to have who, what and why firmly in mind, the how should come from the recipient of the brief. Of course, this process is collaborative and there will always be additional questions and clarifications. But laying solid foundations means you are one step closer to achieving your desired goals and forging a strong agency relationship.

You need to provide the recipient of your brief with every detail that could guide an informed decision. What’s really important can just become the norm when we live and breathe a company every day. So, with that in mind, we have collated everything we have found to be useful over our many years of client collaborations, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Providing as much detail as you can under these headings should equip an agency with enough information to create you an inspiring response…

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