What are Google Ad Grants?

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Free budget to spend on PPC ads on Google Search. $10,000 of monthly Google ad budget to help support your charitable cause.

Whether that’s to recruit volunteers, raise vital funds or educate the world, Ad Grants can help you achieve it. In today’s world, digital can be the lifeline for many charities and not-for-profit organisations. Make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

While Google Ad Grants sound like the dream, many charities struggle to spend the budget and meet the stringent guidelines. We’ll talk you through it, showing best practice and expert tips. If you want more support, our experienced team are ready to help.


Am I eligible?

There's no such thing as free money… or is there?

In this case, there is. You don’t need to spend anything on Google Ads to qualify but there are certain criteria businesses need to reach to be eligible.

Essentially you need to be a registered charity and not fall under any of the following business types:

- a governmental entity or organisation
- a hospital or healthcare organisation
- a school, academic institution, or university (there are separate schemes to support educational institutions)

If you’re unsure whether you qualify, there’s more detail available on the Google Grant Application Eligibility page.


Where to use it.

The beauty of Google Ad Grants is that you can use it to support the goals that matter most to you.

Whether that is to drive awareness for a particular campaign, support online shop sales, sell tickets to an event, recruit volunteers or share online resources to help promote your message. It really is down to you.

We support a number of charitable organisations with Google Ad Grants. The account often spans across many areas of their online marketing, but we’ve shared some use cases below.


Want to know more?

Read more on the conditions you must meet when running Google Ad Grants campaigns and best practice tips from our practitioners at: crafted.co.uk/labs/google-grants