Candyspace connects Contentful and BigCommerce

14th February 2022

Candyspace, experts in designing, building and optimising digital products, is pleased to announce that the BigCommerce app, built by Candyspace, is now available for Contentful, the leading content platform for digital-first business.

The BigCommerce app provides a seamless integration between two API-first SaaS platforms, allowing businesses to connect their products in BigCommerce with their content in Contentful. This enables businesses to innovate faster and with greater flexibility to deliver the omnichannel buying experience their customers demand and their business needs.

Over half a million developers and thousands of brands and organisations around the world, including over 30 percent of the Fortune 500, rely on Contentful to create and deliver digital experiences across websites, mobile apps, digital displays and other connected devices.

Both Contentful and BigCommerce, a leading Open SaaS ecommerce platform for fast-growing and established brands, are key members of the MACH Alliance - an ecosystem of open, best-of-breed enterprise technologies that are based on microservices, and have a scalable and agile composition.

“With digital channels increasingly serving as the primary connection with customers, it’s never been more important for brands to leverage the full power of their digital content to inform and inspire purchases,” said Kristin Brown, head of partnerships, EMEA/Asia at Contentful. “We are pleased to partner with Candyspace on the development of the BigCommerce app to integrate content and commerce for a seamless customer journey.”

“Our partnership with Candyspace further illustrates our commitment to providing merchants access to the highest-caliber technologies and service providers available in the industry,” said Jim Herbert, GM and vice president of BigCommerce, EMEA. “Candyspace shares our desire to help merchants sell more and grow faster to maximise success, and we look forward to continuing to work together to mutually support customers.”

Tom Thorne, CEO of Candyspace commented, “We are delighted to launch the BigCommerce app for Contentful and empower ambitious organisations to create digital products that are loved by everyone. Through connecting two key platforms in the MACH Alliance, the app enables businesses to rapidly drive online revenue by connecting their customers to their products more efficiently and cost effectively.”

The BigCommerce app is available to download from the Contentful app marketplace. If you’re interested to hear more about the app and digital solutions Candyspace provides to help businesses to sell faster and more effectively, then book a consultation with digital product consultant, Josh Rudofsky.