Ed Crompton (Drupal Developer)

Ed Crompton


Ed’s expertise are in Linux systems administration, Apache configuration and Drupal site deployment. Before joining Cameron & Wilding, he spent three years working in a web accessibility consultancy developing software to help blind and partially-sighted people use web applications in the workplace. Prior to that he spent several years in India working for a small non-profit technology company building websites for charities and holding workshops advocating the advantages of free and open source software.“It's great being part of an open source community that I can contribute to, as well as go to for support when I need it. Constant innovation and improvement in how we develop, test and deploy web applications is something I get a real kick out of at Cameron & Wilding. For me, Drupal is about having the freedom to build what you need and then use it in the way you want without being tied by any expensive or restrictive licence agreements.”In the style of a true Drupal enthusiast, Ed is currently working on a couple of Drupal contributed modules: workflow_fields and term_queue.