Clients & Partners


Time frame: Past

Newflame, the brand-new dating app on the scene, came to us with nothing but a spark and a dream. They needed a brand that would light up the dating world and make users swoon. With no existing brand to work off of, we put on our detective hats and did some digging to find out what makes singles tick in the dating app world. We then worked closely with the newflame team to craft a brand personality that was warm, connection-focused, and just plain fun. And not just that, we also helped them in defining their core messaging.


Time frame: Past

DineUp is the new food-ordering platform for air travelers. They needed branding and a website that would make people's mouths water at the thought of delicious in-flight meals. DineUp allows you to pre-order from your favorite restaurants and have your meals waiting for you on-board, so we worked closely with the DineUp team to understand this unique approach to food ordering. DineUp has since used the materials we created to secure partnerships and investments before launch.

Vivienne Westwood

Time frame: Past

The Vivienne Foundation is the new non-profit organisation founded by the fashion icon, aiming to fight against injustices and climate change. They needed a website and brand that would reflect their sustainable mission. We worked closely with The Vivienne Foundation to understand their four inextricably linked pillars of change: halting climate change, stopping war, defending human rights, and protesting capitalism. After this research, we created a cohesive brand identity that effectively communicates these important missions and values. The visual identity included a logo, colour palette, typography, and imagery that were all carefully selected to evoke feelings of change, activism, and hope. We provided guidelines for the consistent use of the brand across all communication materials.


Time frame: Past

Micasa is the insurance-tech startup created by Howden Group Holdings. They wanted to create a brand that conveys their standout approach to the rental deposit scheme. We conducted research into the insure-tech industry and micasa's target audience, helping us to better understand the brand's value proposition. We also carried out in-depth competitor research to see exactly how micasa differs from the crowd.

Nova Project Studio

Time frame: Past

We worked with Nova Project Studio, a new boutique project management firm that specialises in high-net-worth individuals. They came to us in need of a brand that would reflect their exceptional project management services. We began by delving into the meaning behind the name "Nova", which stems from "supernova", the astronomical event that occurs during the last evolutionary stages of a massive star. This metaphor of sudden explosive change followed by calm perfectly encapsulated the services that Nova Project Studio provides to their clients.


Time frame: Past is the next-gen B2B internet service provider, providing better, sustainable and automated connectivity. They needed a new website to WOW their potential customers, and incite trust. We designed the website using Figma, and developed it with HubSpot. With our efforts, we created a new website packed with personality and that highlighted the brand's unique ISP offering.

Fairford Medical

Time frame: Past

Fairford Medical is a leading provider of bespoke imaging solutions for the medical industry. They came to us needing a website redesign to replace their outdated legacy site. Our team began by working closely with the Fairford Medical team to understand their offerings, which include new and refurbished MRI and CT equipment for mobile, relocatable, modular and static installations.


Time frame: Past

Limber is the revolutionary gig economy platform that empowers people to live a happy, flexible and varied work life. They needed a website that showcases the benefits of their service. We worked with them to design a brand new website in Figma, and develop the fresh UI in WordPress. Thanks to the new website we created, limber has been able to attract more job seekers, employers and has generated more engagement.

Cogency Global

Time frame: Present

Cogency Global is a leading provider of statutory representation, compliance, and corporate services. They needed a comprehensive B2B marketing strategy that would increase their online presence and engage their target audience. Thanks to our comprehensive marketing strategy and tactics, Cogency Global was able to establish a strong online presence, increase website traffic and generate leads. The team at Cogency Global was thrilled with the results and continues to work with us to further develop their marketing efforts.