Bright Blue Day is 100% my type, on (and off) paper

29th June 2018

HP Intern

Upon arriving at Bright Blue Day on Tuesday, after a surprisingly peaceful train journey from Reading to Bournemouth, it didn’t take me long to realise that this agency was so much more than what I had seen working in the client-side world of HP.

This wasn’t just because everyone had equally as big an obsession with Love Island as me, but because BBD really is ‘an experience agency’; they create experiences for their clients and their employees. Whether you’ve been here 16 hours like me or 16 years like their Artworker Martin, you can easily see how these people can become your family (and how you really do want to put all your eggs in the BBD basket).

As Ellie #2 from HP to arrive in “Bo-mo”, I have completed the final two days of HP’s fundraising activity called ‘Intern as a Service’. This activity gives partner companies a chance to raise money for The Princes Trust, as well as giving interns a chance to broaden their horizons. So far, we have raised £5000 for the charity, and I must say I have lucked out on such a great company to visit.

Read about Ellie #1’s time here:

Positive change, variety, and the nature of fast pace work are all things BBD offers, as well as the promise of meaningful work with corporate clients like HP, Visa or charities like The Princess Alice Hospice. Plus, they have an office dog… and he is cute!

But it's more than just the company… it’s the place! I’ve never lived by the beach, but my dream job when I was young was to be a mermaid, so a town like this is absolute bliss to be in. Although I have had a year working in the industrial town of Reading (as I like to call it dread-ing), it has taken me a mere 2 days before deciding that I want to come back here.

960 minutes with you guys is not a minute enough and I can safely say, next time there is a re-coupling, I’ll be sure to choose Bright Blue Day.