Gareth Southgate Station

19th July 2018

Anthony Newsom

Southgate station was re-named “Gareth Southgate” for 48 hours

It’s not often you get to be part of some work that ends up as the 3rd story on the front page of the BBC, just below Brexit and Trump meeting Putin. It is even rarer for that level of prominence to be a positive story. This is exactly what happened on Monday. 

The station re-name on the front of the BBC website

 As the England football team arrived back in the UK from Russia on Monday (16th July 2018) after an unexpectedly successful tournament, Visa, as an official sponsor of the 2018 World Cup RussiaTM  wanted to honour the man who had made the nation believe again.

Worth a shot. Passers by getting shots of the sign outside the station

 As always with reactive ideas, the turn around time was quick. Bright Blue Day were engaged on Friday morning as soon as TFL and Visa had agreed that Southgate Station in north London would be renamed “Gareth Southgate” for 48hrs in honour of the England manager’s achievement.

With artwork for the station signage and digital banners due at 7pm on the same day, the team sprung into action. The signage was to sit above the renamed station signs (known as a roundel) and the brief was to explain why the station was renamed by Visa UK and to associate it with their 2018 World Cup RussiaTM sponsorship.

With the time constraints it was decided to proceed with the simple copy route for both the on station banners with a slight adapt for the online banners for the TFL journey planner so that the station rename was clear to those who hadn’t passed through it.

The on station creative

The online banners on the TFL journey planner

 As well as the BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, Independent, Evening Standard, The Sun, Daily Mail and other high profile print media, the re-name was discussed on Radio 1 and Radio 2 as well as appearing across social on a number of high profile social accounts such as Sport bible, F2 Freestylers and Soccer AM .

 The stunt seemed to be well received on and around the station itself. It was great to see so many people stopping and taking pictures with the signs both on the platforms and from the passing trains.