Passion in community for PAH

28th August 2018

Tanya Walker

Since the start of 2018, Princess Alice Hospice have worked with Bright Blue Day to create unique and beautiful campaign activations that raise awareness of the hospice and their work by using people within the community at the forefront of their communications. Recently we have been working with the team to bring to life the idea of ‘Compassionate Communities’’ and create a visual campaign that encourages involvement with the charity and evoke a sense of fulfilment from being part of the community.

The campaign objective was to create a movement of support in the community. We activated this by using advocates throughout the campaign creative, to elevate Princess Alice as a charity and build a solid brand platform.

The campaign needed to span three months and demonstrate how “Princess Alice Hospice 

supports carers in our community”.  The concept and visual identity of the campaign introduces the ‘dove’ graphic, synonymous with Princess Alice as a brand. The visual language uses people coming together in an engaging and flexible way.

The visual identity of the campaign allows it to evolve over time by using stories of patients, carers, volunteers and community members who are all doing great work for the Hospice. We’ve had lots of fun working on the individual characters that make up the ‘community dove’, some of which have been based on real life stories. We’ve created a multitude of authentic characters including book groups, café owners, listeners, nurses, gardeners, shop keepers, cyclists and 

many more. 

‘Compassionate Communities’ has been rolled out across a number of mediums including social media, press ads, video animation and posters. The beauty of this campaign means that over time, as the community grows with Princess Alice, so will the campaign.