How to nail your creative paid media strategy and get results

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50% of campaign performance is driven by creative. Want to nail your social strategy and get those all-important results? Let us show you how...

It’s often been claimed that digital growth is killing creativity, with data-driven advertising trumping quality creative. With powerful targeting and ever-increasing scale across the likes of Meta and Google, and brands vying for consumer attention with increasingly shorter and small ad units, it’s easy to see why creative is often, wrongly, overlooked.

Our latest webinar demonstrates the importance of creative and paid advertising working in unison to help deliver the greatest outcome for your business.

"Often these are two parts of a business that work in silo rather than in tandem, so we will be showing you how Brave Bison connect the dots using a data driven approach, underpinned by measurement"

- Kit Bienias, Performance Director at Brave Bison.

This is something that’s repeatedly confirmed when we audit accounts, with one of the most persistent bits of feedback being a lack of synergy between paid media creative and performance insight. We know from experience that the greatest outcome is achieved when creative, technology and media work in unison to create a continuous feedback loop - ensuring a steadfast strategy that speaks to the right audience for your brand, at every stage of the customer journey.

In just 30 minutes, we’ll equip you with the knowledge of how to effectively engineer digital ad creative for your audience and, more importantly, how to prove its impact on performance.

So if you're ready to discover how to engineer ad creative for your audience, and how to prove its impact on performance, then pop the kettle on and tune into our webinar...

Author: Verity Bouette, Account Director