Vanessa Szeto, Universal Pictures

" I truly look forward to each partnership with the BC team as they make it such a seamless process, no matter how complex or challenging each program/partner can be. "

Rocio Almodovar Boal, Coca-Cola

" When you look for an agency skilled in assets and partnerships building, perhaps the first thing you are looking for is ' a best in class in the world on it'. But perhaps is also having a real 'partner' for you in the agency side to make your daily life easy and the project a success. And this is Brand Culture essence : a true 100% global skilled agency , plus a partner for you since the very first moment . Dedicated, motivated and human. Is a pleasure working with them step by step: from discussing in detail the briefing to springing collective genius and iterative building till the final delivery is there. Is acting agency and client as "one body". This is the secret recipe that we apply when working together . The results? True effective, trending and innovative consumer experiences made from real people to real consumers. And always great #teamwork full of smiles. "

Oliver Delaney, Coca-Cola GB

" BC have a great understanding of how to bring to life film partnerships with brands in a really effective and engaging way, they have great connections, great people, and a clear focus on delivering for their clients. "

Ines Rupprecht, Coca-Cola

" 2020 has been a tough year on everyone. Brand Culture has been a faithful and devoted partner in difficult times for us and helped to take the right decisions in uncertain times. This agency is truly great to work with. Very dedicated, humble and always going the extra mile. Their pro- active thinking makes working together a real pleasure and helps us to succeed on various projects. "

David Bynder, DreamWorks

" If you're looking for a collaborative, diligent agency, I would definitely recommend Brand Culture. They truly care about doing a great job and work very hard for their clients. David Bynder VP Global Brand Partnerships and Marketing Dreamworks Television "

Alessandra Nardone, Energizer

" Working with Brand Culture is like being in a real Partnership, not as in a standard relation between Brand and Agency. The team is highly motivated, engaged and proactive in always proposing new ideas and improvements in the ways of working. They are very good in managing highly complex projects with great understanding of markets differences (between Modern Markets and Developing Markets). Great project management skills and problem solving. We always feel safe knowing that they are following up all the different details and timeline and make sure we don't miss any important step thought the entire project. Great agency to work with. "