David Cole, RS Components

" As a business, we have worked with Box for over 10 years. Initially this was on some ad hoc projects but for the last 6+ years Box have been our development partner for our community website designed for design engineers and students. From an initial stabilisation, we have worked through a re-build, a number of re-designs, complete re-platforming of the website and our data platforms as well as lots of user testing. It is great to work with an agency of this calibre on a day to day basis as no two days are the same, together we try to push the boundaries and always strive to improve. "

Matthew Keefe, RS Components

" Very friendly yet professional Completed the project to a very high standard Worked well with internal teams "

Clare Elliott, All Wales Therapeutics and Toxicology Centre

" We really enjoyed working with Box. We found it a very positive experience and everything they said they would do, they did. We were kept fully involved throughout the whole project with regular meetings between us and the Box team. We felt that Box really understood what we wanted to achieve with our new website and had the expertise and experience to deliver. Getting them onboard has meant that we have ended up with the best result - something that we couldn't have achieved without their input. Definitely money very well spent! "

Mari Stevens, Ogi

" Box is a strong web development company, with outstanding UX skills. They brought together an excellent team to meet our brief and were 100% focused on meeting/exceeding our MVP targets on time and to budget. They strike the right balance between creativity and functionality and their technical abilities are outstanding. It's great to have a such an excellent tech company based here in Wales. "

Tony Scully, The Pharmaceutical Journal

" We delivered a major strategic platform build in under eight months, delivering on time and to budget. The released product was a considerable improvement on previous platform, providing us with the tools to continue to develop and improve our platform whilst minimising our long-term dependancy on a third-party provider. "

James Allan, Sodexo

" If you are looking for more than just a supplier, but a valued partner to help build your products and your business, Box are the agency to partner with. Their strategic thinking, excellent project management, innovation and adaptability to changing circumstances, the team at Box are some of the best that you can rely on and ultimately trust in development, delivery and on-going support. "

Adrian Goodman, OKdo

" I've had a very rewarding 24 months working with Box UK and they have never really disappointed me "

David Duffy, OKdo

" I work with the Box UK team very closely on a daily basis. I consider them to be a part of our company rather than an agency. They are highly skilled and experienced, very proactive, collaborative and provide us with an all round excellent service. "

Paul Hopwood, Filmbankmedia

" A very enthusiastic and knowledgeable team with a professional approach. My team enjoy working with Box UK. Nothing negative to report. "

Gareth Jehu, Com Laude

" I have worked with Box UK on 2 projects with 2 different companies. They have a very professional approach, employ very capable people and you trust their judgement and opinions. "

Elin Goodwin, BMJ Publishing Group Ltd

" Box UK understood right from the start the importance and value of putting the user at the heart of what we do and our need for a strong product development process. Working in an agile way, with regular communication and great teamwork has built a strong relationship with Box UK. This, as well as Box UK's enthusiasm and knowledge, and the continuous involvement with users, have played and continue to play a critical part in the success of the implementation of the app. "