Elin Lloyd Jones, Cardiff University

" From our initial enquiry onwards, Box UK, led by Andrew Beany and the sales team were a pleasure to work with. They took the time to build an understanding of our requirements and developed a flexible learning programme which helped us to move towards a more agile approach to working and ultimately meant that we were in a fantastic position to transition to distributed working when the pandemic occurred. I would not hesitate to recommend the professional team at Box UK. "

David Cole, RS Components

" As a business, we have worked with Box for over 10 years. Initially this was on some ad hoc projects but for the last 6+ years Box have been our development partner for our community website designed for design engineers and students. From an initial stabilisation, we have worked through a re-build, a number of re-designs, complete re-platforming of the website and our data platforms as well as lots of user testing. It is great to work with an agency of this calibre on a day to day basis as no two days are the same, together we try to push the boundaries and always strive to improve. "

Elliot McDonagh, Dexerto

" We were looking for an agile and performance focused delivery team and BoxUK more than delivered. They replatformed our site entirely in just under 6 weeks, whilst reducing the amount of structural issues we were having with our tech stack. We have started to see growth within our traffic that's taking us to new peaks and we are at all time bests on some of our core performance driven KPI's. They took the time to understand who we are as a company and gave us a few amazing development plans to choose from. I would personally recommend BoxUK to anyone I knew that was in need for some quality code development. "

Matthew Keefe, RS Components

" Very friendly yet professional Completed the project to a very high standard Worked well with internal teams "

David Duffy, OKdo

" I work with the Box UK team very closely on a daily basis. I consider them to be a part of our company rather than an agency. They are highly skilled and experienced, very proactive, collaborative and provide us with an all round excellent service. "

Adrian Goodman, OKdo

" I've had a very rewarding 18 months working with Box UK and they have never disappointed me "

Jared Humphris, Sodexo

" Over the last 9 months working Box UK they have been a real pleasure to work with. They are supportive of the business and are not afraid to challenge us to get the best from our working relationship. This is rare from a supplier and is an invaluable asset to have to help push companies like us to get the best out of our software. We have had some great successes with Box including a new mobile app, new search functionality, process efficiencies and a real improvement on our UX. They have great ways of working with some great ideas which help get the best out of not only their team but ours as well. I would highly recommend Box UK.they are not just a supplier but a great addition to the team which have helped our business achieve our software goals. They have friendly and hard-working people who have great software, UX and project management knowledge who are a credit to their organisation. "