Uncovering a Way Forward for Digital Evolution

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Enterprise software development company Box UK has released guidance for organisations seeking to evolve their digital strategy in a new ebook highlighting common barriers to growth and success, and the role flexible, open source technologies such as WordPress can play in overcoming these.

“Why WordPress Makes More Sense For The Enterprise” has been co-authored by Box UK, along with enterprise WordPress technology company WP Engine.

Enterprise organisations often find themselves challenged by legacy systems that hinder responsiveness and negatively impact the customer experience, preventing them from delivering value to their audiences and keeping pace with new trends and opportunities.

This has become a priority issue as the rate of change in the digital space has increased, and a focus on delivering exceptional experiences has become imperative – with a recent WP Engine survey finding 92% of enterprise respondents agree that the digital experiences they build are directly tied to their organisation’s success.

The ebook explores these challenges further, highlighting the enterprise-specific applications of WordPress and drawing on Box UK’s experience supporting global organisations including RS Components, Dexerto and OKdo in the delivery of high-traffic, high-transaction and high-performance websites.

The ebook additionally reveals statistics showing the rapid growth of WordPress in the enterprise space, as these organisations look to increase flexibility and control while reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The technology is already present in two-thirds of enterprise technology stacks, and has become the driving force behind 35% of the world’s top 10,000 websites.

Box UK Principal Developer, Ian Jenkins, says:


“WordPress affords enterprise organisations greater freedom and control over their digital experiences, allowing them to adopt new technologies and experiment with new campaigns and business models at the pace and level of commitment that suits their needs and the needs of their audiences, all while positively impacting the bottom-line of their business.”


To find out more, visit the Box UK website, where you can read an executive summary and download a full copy of the ebook: https://www.boxuk.com/rethinking-enterprise-cms/