Verm-X natural animal health unveil new global brand and direct to consumer strategy with AgencyUK

15th January 2020

Founded in 2000, Verm-X are one of the world’s pioneering natural animal health and wellbeing companies. Passionate about taking a holistic approach, they explore the alternatives to artificial chemical treatments and pharmaceutical products by conducting research into herbs and naturally active ingredients that promote complete health for generations to come.

Company founder Philip Ghazala has spent years working with scientists, researchers and veterinary experts to develop natural products that help manage animal gut health, and provide nutritional supplements.

Over the last 20 years, Verm-X has developed and launched more than 20 natural animal health and nutritional products, experiencing steady growth in UK, EU and US consumer and agricultural markets. As awareness of natural health alternatives has continued to rise in human conditions, so has it influenced the way people administer treatment to their animals. Wishing to remain at the forefront of natural animal health, AgencyUK were tasked with refreshing the master brand and developing a direct to consumer proposition, ecommerce strategy and web platform.

“We were looking for an agency with the experience of launching and supporting growth of natural health brands in UK, EU and US markets. But it was equally as important to have a team with real creative flare and strong technical capability. We felt AgencyUK would make a passionate partner and the results so far have been market leading” says Clementina Davies, Director, Verm-X.

“We love working with passionate people, and purpose driven brands. The Verm-X team are very ambitious, but are equally committed to reducing the environmental impact of chemical based treatments in agriculture and the home. We were delighted to have been invited on this journey with them, and felt the creative freedom we were given really helps us to produce work that creates stand out from their competitors, and resonates fully with the different customer audiences we researched. Growth of Verm-X and this sector is evidence that people are increasingly looking for ways to live a more natural and environmentally low impact life” says Sammy Mansourpour, Managing Director, AgencyUK.

AgencyUK are an integrated brand communications agency, and have become well known for promoting natural food and drink producers, as well as a host of natural consumer brands and medical treatments. The Verm-X appointment followed a successful year, where AgencyUK were awarded Advertising Agency of the Year 2019 by The Drum. AgencyUK launched the new Verm-X eCommerce platform in January and it is being nominated for a number of industry awards throughout 2020.