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UX is simple – or it should be.


When we work on the ‘user experience’ for our clients we know it’s not just about colours and mood boards, it’s part the whole brand journey.

The customer journey is functional and even psychological all with the ultimate aim to ease the way for the customer from the first time they land on your website until they complete the transaction at the digital check out. 

We have worked for many years with US internet marketing guru Matt Bailey who recently flew over to host a masterclass on UX for some of our clients.  Matt spoke about the most important things to consider when developing UX so good your customers barely even notice they are giving you money. 

Matt started with an essential for the modern-day customer, the need for speed. “Users no longer have the patience to wait for content – not even two seconds. People don’t often appreciate they have millions more times computing power in their pocket than it took to land on the moon. They just start getting antsy when a page or a video hasn’t loaded in less than a second, according to Google. There are any number of stumbling blocks – unoptimised images, clunky JavaScript, no compression. And don’t get me started on Flash…”

The team at ADEO also know that paramount for the UX journey is timing. The site not only needs to be quick, but it also needs to be optimised for desktop and mobile. There is still currently a trust issue with buying on mobile. Currently 60% of users browse on phones but only 20% complete the transaction. But this may be a generational issue. Those Millennials and their younger siblings, Generation Z, have never seen a mail order catalogue outside of a museum. Trends are changing. Progressive web apps now take the pain out of optimising sites for desktop or mobile – soon their use will be ubiquitous. 

One of our clients, Scottish Gin of the year 2018, Eden Mill are a great example of offering the right UX. They have any number of ways they ‘touch’ their customers and this is integral to their UX design. The distillery offers a visitor experience and an active programme of pop-up retail units in malls, events and markets across the UK. As a result of this we aimed the structure and feel of the site on user ‘personas’ we created based on the data collected at all these points and more.  This underlines that people rarely buy anything straight away.

Finally, we advise to ditch those intrusive pop-up that demands the customer gives something – i.e. their precious data - before letting them browse or experience the site.  Too many pop-up’s is like having a pushy salesman in your face, and nobody likes that.


Gordon Higgins founded Adeo in 2004 in a bedroom in Cardonald. The award-winning digital agency now has offices in Glasgow, Teesside, London and Dubai.