Whitepaper: The Great Escape

Qualitative Research

It’s safe to say that after 18 months of twists and turns, stops and starts and colour-changing systems, people have got travel on the mind.

To understand what the road to recovery really looks like for the travel industry, in partnership with Travelzoo, we asked holidaymakers how they feel about travelling in the current climate and how they’re navigating a new path to purchase.

Our webinar then brought these consumer mindsets to life. During our rounded discussion, we shared valuable and actionable insights for travel brands looking to reach great escapers at this pivotal moment in the recovery timeline.

Moderated by Accord Marketing’s Strategy Director Jasman Ahmad, the panel featured James Clarke (Travelzoo), Nicola Richardson (Travelbag) and Jo Bruton (Accord Marketing).

We’ve received some great feedback from the morning as audiences found the discussion insightful, offering a promising perspective with useful takeaways for the industry’s highly anticipated come-back.

This session provided a viewpoint on several hot topics, including:

Is the journey as simple as dreaming, planning, then booking? Or have any new stages emerged?

How do different age groups navigate across the journey?

How important is the right media for finding and talking to people at each stage?

What makes a person trust a travel brand and at what stage is this element of trust the most important?

The event also saw the launch of our exclusive consumer research white paper ‘The Great Escape: Rethinking Travel's Path to Purchase.’ Download your copy now: https://www.accordmarketing.com/the-great-escape