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Redefining the way people see their health

Simplyhealth // 1st February 2018

For nearly 140 years, Simplyhealth have been making healthcare accessible and affordable. However, the brand wasn't retaining customers as well as it should, many were not using the service as they should and as a result cancelling their plans.

As we dug deeper and listened to customers, we soon…

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Turning a healthy secret into a sweet revolution

Sweet Freedom // 1st August 2017

Sweet Freedom is a range of delicious natural syrups, sauces and spreads – all 100% natural, vegan friendly, not to mention free from additives, palm oil and chemical processing.

They already had a loyal but small consumer base of health conscious individuals trying to make their healthy food…

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A complete rebrand for Liberis

Liberis // 2nd September 2017

Liberis offer business loans, where you pay back through a proportion of your card transactions. It means, you only pay back when you’re busy.

This innovative, game-changing company needed a brand to match. However, their logo, website, brand guidelines and creative were all lagging in the…

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Championing Creativity for Smint

Smint // 1st December 2016

Smint didn’t just need a Facebook page, they needed something to say to set them apart from the competition. So we decided to transform our ‘Fresh to Impress’ campaign line into a digital proposition - helping Smint to become a champion for creativity.

As well as sourcing…

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Our Mentos experiential campaign takes Birmingham by storm

Mentos // 10th December 2015

Who says no to Mentos? Not Birmingham that’s for sure. As we quickly discovered when we took over the city with a huge outdoor campaign, used to support the new ‘Who says no to Mentos?’ TV creative.

Using the hashtag #NotBirmingham we set up photo booths around the city centre,…

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New Ship New Positioning

Condor Ferries // 1st March 2016

We’ve worked with Condor Ferries for over 20 years, overseeing several brand re-designs along the way. But with the arrival of a new £50 million high-speed ship, it was time to change everything from top-to-bottom. 

‘Good Times’ encompasses a whole new customer-focused…

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Fruit letters spell success

Fruittella // 12th August 2014

Fruittella came to us with a new product called ‘fruit letters’. Each wrapper was designed with letters that could be used in combination with other sweets to make words. But instead of going down the ultra-safe ‘family board game’ route, the client wanted us to give their…

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"I Can't Wait"

P&O Cruises // 20th August 2012

We were appointed in May 2012 as creative lead agency after a three-way pitch. Our remit includes TV, TV sponsorship, press, digital, DM and

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Driving sales across Europe

Eurolines // 15th March 2016

With over 1,200 destinations across Europe, Eurolines carries more passengers than any other coach network.

This competitive edge enabled us to position it as ‘Europe’s Favourite Coach’, giving reassurance to tentative travellers and helping to keep Eurolines ahead of its…

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Making guarantor loans more human

Amigo Loans // 16th June 2015

In 2010, FLM was just one of many UK guarantor loan companies, and looked cold and financial. In order for FLM to grow they needed a name and personality that set them apart. 

We created Amigo to do just that. Not only did it reflect the friendship at the heart of every loan, it also created a…

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P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises // 7th January 2013

Our TV advert for P&O Cruises aired in January 2013 as part of an integrated

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Coach Trip - Eurolines UK

Eurolines UK // 1st August 2013

Our 2013 integrated campaign, "Coach Trip" encouraged students to take a coach trip to Europe.

The campaign built on last year’s highly successful activity, ‘See what you’re missing in Europe’ and targeted Eurolines’ most active…

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Fruittella's magical new TV campaign

Fruittella // 1st February 2016

Fruittella’s all about sharing special moments together with your loved ones. So what could be more special than seeing a unicorn appear in your garden?

The new TV creative was aimed at mums with small children, and highlighted just how fantastically fruity a Fruittella sweet tastes. It also…

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Amigo Loans

Richmond Group // 20th August 2012


Amigo is a brand new way to borrow money, for those who have been let down by the banks, but don’t want to borrow from payday lenders at extortionate interest rates.

Instead of checking your credit store, Amigo check whether a friend or family member trusts you enough to act as your…

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Eurolines UK

National Express // 20th August 2012

Our risqué 2012 campaign invited young people to ‘See what you’re missing in Europe’, with the use of strategically placed QR codes, and an interactive Spotify ad, leading to dedicated mobile sites and landing pages.

Our 2011 integrated campaign, “See yourself in…

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Brittany Ferries

BAI UK // 20th August 2012

In the 11 years we have worked together, Brittany Ferries have become the clear market leader across the Western Channel.

Brittany Ferries compete in a price and speed-driven market, but by positioning them as the relaxing alternative start to your holiday, we helped retain their premium…

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