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Location Edinburgh, New York
Total staff 82
Year established 1990
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Advertising re-booted; marketing re-mixed.

1. We're Kate Moss. Like a gap-toothed skinny girl, we may not be everyone's idea of a sexy agency. Yet Kate's face has a fabulous neutrality capable of powerfully conveying different ideas. Likewise, we don't have any agenda other than doing a great job for clients – supporting both their strategies and their people. Results are what matter and ours are surprisingly attractive. As for the party lifestyle, sadly that may have to wait.

2. We're Jackie Chan. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. Like the Hong Kong action star too, we've been around a long time, working hard to hone our skills since the 1980s. In an early film 'The Young Master', Chan fights only using a paper fan, showing how to make the astonishingly difficult seem surprisingly simple. We have a serious track record of making it easy for clients to wrangle with complex products, difficult distribution channels, slippery stakeholders and tangled regulatory environments. We can help you fight and win using only the weapons you have to hand.

3. We're Thomas Jerome Newton. In Nic Roeg's cult flick, 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' was famously played by David Bowie as a stranger in a strange land. We too come from a different place – and we don't mean Scotland. We do not think like other agencies. We take a more universal view. We understand advanced technology too: it's been central to what we do for over 15 years.

4. We're the Road Runner, baby. If you want to outfox the wiliest competitors, you do need to be able to move fast. Sure, we all want more time and more budget and the moon on a stick. But, for over 20 years whenever clients have been handed an Acme Bomb with a lit fuse, we've proved that we can be relied on to act swiftly and surely. Beep beep.

5. We are ourselves. We have never had any desire to ape other agencies or follow fads. We understand yesterday's AIDA and 'Disruption' and tomorrow's 'Big Data'. But they are eggs hurled against the cliffs of human understanding. The sands shift below, but the biological bases of our attention and memory and desires have not changed in millennia. So, even in tech, it's the human touch that counts. Our company motto states, "We want nice people, people with esprit de corps. Because without human values you will always be a shabby loser". We believe that's the only way to sustainable success. We hope you do too.

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