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The Big Issue Foundation
8th Mar 2016
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We work closely with the Big Issue Foundation. This fantastic charity tirelessly graft to offer homeless people the incentive of an income.

"Achieving something for yourself is 100% more empowering than having it done for you."

The Big Issue Foundation account’s aim is to drive donations, get sign-ups for fundraisers, to gain volunteers and vendors, and to keep people in the know about all the good work this charity are doing.

Our Search Marketing team are helping to raise awareness, to get the site found, and attract visitors to support the foundation. We have already achieved great results and sessions are up 52.71%.

Using the Google Grant funding we set up, we run a successful PPC campaign for The Big Issue Foundation, increasing impressions by 50% and traffic by 65% year on year.

The new website underway at Selesti HQ is undergoing extensive CRO and UX consultancy. Its success will be measured by us generating more donations for this incredible charity.

The Big Stats

  • 50% Increase in impressions.
  • 65% Year on year traffic increase.
  • 13% Drop in paid bounce rate

We are utilising the Google grant for which they qualify of $30,000 per month media spend. Our paid search team have already secured some fantastic results as shown in the stats above.

We're applying eCommerce and checkout conversion best practice to this fundraising process, to help enthuse users to give at the earliest opportunity, with less abandonment.

"We are delighted that Selesti have chosen to support our digital development plans. They will add real value... This value will turn into hard cash to help sustain our vital work with Big Issue vendors across the country." - Stephen Robertson, CEO, Big Issue Foundation