2016 Top 100 Agencies

The Top 100 2016 ranks the UK agencies achieving excellent levels of commercial performance across our financial KPI's. Each agency has also received positive ratings and reviews from their clients.

100 Delineo UK, Manchester
99 Remarkable Group UK, Winchester
98 WPR UK, Birmingham
97 Thinking Juice UK, Bournemouth
96 Bonfire Creative Intelligence UK, Bedford
95 Smith & Milton UK, London
94 Whitespace UK, Edinburgh
93 Refinery Marketing Communications Ltd UK, Manchester
92 Click Consult UK, Chester
90 Walker Agency UK, Bournemouth
90 HROC UK, Birmingham
88 MB Advertising & Marketing Ltd UK, Sheffield
88 Ideas By Music UK, Manchester
87 Milestone Creative UK, High Wycombe
85 RocketMill UK, Crawley
85 JJ Marketing UK, Oxford
84 Precedent UK, London
83 Pancentric Digital UK, London
82 Superdream UK, Bromsgrove
79 WMG UK, Harrogate
79 Adtrak LLP UK, Nottingham
77 August UK, London
77 HCT Creative UK, Reading
74 We Are Boutique UK, Leeds
74 Synergy Creative UK, Bristol
74 The Sharp Agency UK, Huddersfield
73 Shout UK, Newcastle Upon Tyne
72 ORM UK, London
71 Else UK, London
70 hub UK, Leeds
69 Five by Five UK, Southampton
68 Chalk Social UK, London
67 AgencyUK UK, Bath
66 Torpedo UK, Oxford
65 TH_NK UK, Newcastle Upon Tyne
63 Crave & Lamb UK, London
63 Southpaw Communications Limited UK, Tunbridge Wells
62 ClearPeople Ltd UK, London
61 Summit UK, London
60 Lab UK, Woking
59 Search Star UK, Bath
58 to the point UK, London
57 We Are Ignition UK, London
55 MBA UK, London
55 Wyatt International Ltd UK, Birmingham
54 The Big Group UK, London
53 Jaywing UK, Sheffield
52 Techdept UK, London
51 jones knowles ritchie UK, London
50 Emoderation UK, London
49 Richmond Towers Communications UK, London
48 Athlon UK, London
47 Builtvisible UK, London
46 Scorch London UK, London
45 Stickyeyes UK, Leeds
44 Omobono Ltd UK, Cambridge
43 Sledge UK, London
41 agenda21 digital ltd UK, London
41 twentysix UK, Leeds
39 Rufus Leonard UK, London
39 equimedia UK, Swindon
38 Code Computerlove UK, Manchester
37 Rawnet Ltd UK, Berkshire
36 Seymourpowell UK, London
35 The Moment UK, London
34 ODD UK, London
33 Purestone TFM Ltd. UK, London
32 Luminous UK, London
31 The Fresh Group UK, Stockport
30 Splendid Communications UK, London
29 TMW Unlimited UK, London
28 Bloom UK, London
27 Home UK, Leeds
24 Greenlight UK, London
24 St Luke's Communications Ltd UK, London
24 Bulletproof UK, London
23 Hugo & Cat UK, London
22 Intermarketing Agency UK, Leeds
21 Steak UK, London
19 Salmon UK, Watford
19 TLC Marketing UK UK, London
18 The Specialist Works UK, London
16 OLIVER UK, London
16 Stein IAS UK, Manchester
14 Karmarama UK, London
14 Redweb UK, Bournemouth
13 adconnection UK, London
12 HRG UK LTD UK, Northampton
11 Realise Limited UK, London
10 Periscopix UK, London
9 Jellyfish UK, Reigate
8 Zone UK, London
7 Forward3D UK, London
6 Havas Media Group UK, London
4 MediaCom UK, Manchester
4 AnalogFolk UK, London
3 iProspect UK, London
2 Essence UK, London
1 iris worldwide UK, London

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