How Malta Now Drives 11% of Lipsy's Total International PPC Revenue

Lipsy London
1st Oct 2015
Digital Strategy
Online Advertising
Paid Search & PPC


Successful British women’s fashion retailer, Lipsy, wanted to maximise sales from international markets but weren’t sure which markets would give them the most brand awareness and best ROI. Lipsy approached NMPi with the task of searching out new potential international markets.



In order to achieve Lipsy’s objectives, we expanded our targeting worldwide. This process allowed us to determine which markets across the globe had increased brand awareness and delivered sales at an efficient ROI. One of the markets that stood out for Lipsy was Malta which showed dramatic sales volumes, even though Lipsy had not formally expanded into the Maltese market. In order to optimise performance, Malta was extracted from the worldwide campaigns, and a bespoke campaign was created targeting Maltese consumers which allowed for more granular data and optimisation.



By employing bespoke search methods, we were able to discover an untapped market that increased Lipsy’s ROI and ended up driving 11% of their total international PPC revenue.