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How to become a recommended partner
Become recommended and prove your performance to new clients

Steps to becoming a Recommended Agency

Step 1


Tell us the core services you excel in, these are the ones clients will rate you on

B2C Strategy
Campaign Planning
Direct Marketing Creative
Online Creative
Retail Advertising Creative
B2B Market Research
Web Design
Product Design

+ many more

Step 2


Invite your clients to rate you. You need a minimum of 3 separate clients to rate you for the same service (eg. web design) to be recommended

Done. Client invited!

Step 3

Get Rated

You will be rated on a number of factors (client service, timekeeping etc), and the services you have picked for yourself

Recommended for 3 out of 4
Web Design SEO Email Marketing Branding
    0 5 10
  • 22 ratings
  • 13 ratings
  • 7 ratings
  • 2 ratings

Step 4

Become Recommended

You'll now notice you are recommended for services and will appear more prominent in search results

Why recommendedagencies.com

RAR is a service for brands to help them choose agencies, based on ratings. The RAR database holds over 45000 ratings which is a unique dataset that allows brands to make better decisions about agencies. There’s a number of ways they do that:


Our consultancy team works with Brands on their brief to shortlist agencies or manage the end-to-end process. We use your ratings and the supporting evidence you add to your account to hone in on the best-suited agencies to shortlist.

Online at recommendedagencies.com

Brands can interact directly with member agencies and are given results based on relevancy. Only agencies with recommended status appear in searches. There are membership options which increase the likelihood of being shortlisted by brands searching online.


Several books are published each year and are circulated to clients compiling information on agencies in different ways. Together works and The Download go out to 4000 and 6000 senior marketers respectively, showcasing recommended agencies and their work.

Reports in The Drum

Recommendedagencies.com work with The Drum to publish the RAR Top 100 and Census report. To take part agencies must be recommended and provide their financial information. Listed agencies gain exposure through The Drum and RAR’s marketing channels.

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